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Producer: ChartHouse Learning
Languages: English, Spanish, and more (call for details)
Length: 18:00
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This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.
This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.
This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.

About the Authors

ChartHouse Learning's journey began in the 1950s, when Ray Christensen began making documentary films. Ray's passion for telling stories with film took him around the world — from the African tribes working to preserve their precious water supplies, to the Nebraska home where developmentally challenged people strove to reach the amazing, but often neglected, potential within their beautiful souls.

Ray's films had one thing in common. They had a way of inspiring people to see the usual in unexpected, unusual ways.

In the early 1980s, Ray partnered with futurist Joel Barker on several films that introduced the business world to paradigms. ChartHouse Learning's “Discovering the Future Series” has been called "one of the most influential learning programs in the world." The first film in the series, “The Business of Paradigms,” was the world's best-selling business film for many years.

The Joy of Living Where We Make a Living

In 1998 Ray's son, John, assumed the leadership of ChartHouse Learning. Like his father, John had a passion for helping people live to their full potential. He longed to inspire people to create workplaces that are joyful and innovative, lighthearted and wholehearted.

While filming in the Seattle area, John encountered a unique fish market where the employees brought incredible fun, passion and individual accountability to the job every day. Their work was cold, wet and smelly, yet they decided they had the power to choose the attitudes they would bring to that work.

ChartHouse Learning then created an unlikely corporate learning film called FISH! The film became a worldwide business phenomenon, giving people a common language to talk about fun and purpose in the workplace. The FISH! Philosophy has spawned other best-selling films and books, all of which have reminded people that they have the power to make a difference at work.

Discovering the Value of Human Transparency

John believes resources such as FISH! show that it's possible to create products that integrate business objectives with spiritual values. "We're not afraid to use words like 'love' and 'soul' and 'spirit', because those are an essential part of our humanity," he says. "But these values are just as important to businesses. Every organization needs people who are passionate, committed and free to live the organization's vision through their personal values."

ChartHouse Learning also seeks strong relationships with its customers. "They inspire us as much as we inspire them," John explains. "We're on a journey together — a global community discovering a better way to live at work."