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Producer: ChartHouse Learning
Languages: English, Spanish, and more (call for details)
Length: 18:00
This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.
This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.
This program is available for online preview only, please log in to view.
    The Four Steps of the FISH! Philosophy!
  • Play
  • Make Their Day
  • Be There
  • Choose Your Attitude

FISH! Philosophy Video

Make Their Day!

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude with them each day. that's the FISH! Philosophy. An environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues and to their customers.

Impossible? Not at all.

FISH! is the story of Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Fish Market- a shop full of fishmongers spending their grueling, stinky, 12-hour shifts stocking, selling, and packing fish. Typically, it would be the last place you'd look for great customer service, but in this incredible work environment they use the FISH! Philosophy, employees don't just fill orders, they fill people - with fun, friendliness, attentiveness, and enthusiasm.

Their story has resonated with everyone and it's easy to see why thousands of organizations worldwide are adopting the FISH! Philosophy and learning that these principles of the market are actually truths for every day life. The bottom line? FISH! is creating a new reality that won't only change the way you think of work- it might just change your entire view on life.

But maybe you really want something more comprehensive? More complete? With more doodads?

Try Fish Culture!

Let's check out what people are saying!

"I have viewed the FISH! video so many times and it NEVER gets old! I look forward to training just because of the FISH! concept! It not only motivates me, but It really helps to pick me up when I am getting burned out on my job or having a bad day. Best training video EVER! THANKS" -Ken Glasier, State Farm Insurance
"I love the FISH! program! Once you see it, you will never forget it. Plus, you can find very cute take-aways for the participants which reinforce the message. -Kim Scott, Chase Auto Finance